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Frequently Asked Questions

What Timeframe is
TradersGPS for?

TradersGPS includes daily and weekly timeframes. While intraday trading can be exciting and potentially profitable, TraderGPS is centered around analysis of longer term market conditions to give more traders the opportunity to benefit from the systems we use. The concepts and systems used here can be applied to intraday trading as well.

Do all TradersGPS’ traders
take the same trades?

Trading is always a personal decision. If you have any doubts about placing trades based on any of the signals provided, we recommend NOT placing the trade. Contrary to popular belief, not all stocks trade the same way. Some of our traders may prefer momentum stocks, some value stocks; and at the end of the day, we firmly believe that you should trade the stocks that are of your preference, or those that make most sense to you. A key variable to success is the ability of an individual trader to perform their own analysis, and make informed decisions when buying and selling securities in their portfolio.

What makes the
TradersGPS different from
any other systems?

TraderGPS isn’t here to adopt you into one trading philosophy, or convince you that our way is best. Our only goal is to make money in this current trading environment using systems that intuitively adapt to new market conditions, and to help you do the same! We believe a trending system by itself is not enough to identify high probability trades. Additionally, if we intend to be profitable in a variety of market conditions, employment of multiple systems with diverse goals and strategies is essential. We have wrapped up what we consider to be an exceptional mix of these concepts directly into TraderGPS for you to implement right away!